HUD for Hand2Note

Positional HUD for cash-players

HUD displays different stats to various players at the table depending on:

PLUS-EV HUD - is positional HUD for 9 max and 6 max cash-games. This HUD automatically displays statistics depending on player position. It has been as an alternative to huge HUD of PT4/HM2, for more comfortable playing and to reduce using POP-UPs. 

Position of the player

Relative position to Hero

Hands sample

Cash NL2

Cash NL5

Cash NL10-16

Cash NL25

Cash NL50

Cash NL100

Cash ALL








You will get HUD free if you buy licence for hand2note by our promo-code.


- MTT with no restrictions ;

- You can get trial - 7 days;

- At going up on new limit you pay only the difference in cost;

- User should have active or expired BEGGINER or higher subscription. Users who have trial license or micro stakes free version can't use your protected packages.

Plus-EV - doesn't make money plays. The site is purely informative.